Hi there. I'm a writer and editor based in New York City.

Over the past 12+ years, I've written everything from long-form features to infographics and charticles; news analyses to personal essays; book reviews to web video scripts. I find the best and most strategic ways to tell unforgettable stories and make persuasive arguments, and I know how to package information so that it's clicky, compelling, relevant and fresh. I write and edit for magazines, web sites and corporate clients.

A little more about me: As the former health editor at Oprah.com, I helped relaunch the site (twice!) and developed and managed the content strategy of the Health vertical. I also wrote hundreds of stories about health and wellness. Hundreds of stories—and that's not including the videos I scripted and outlined or the countless ideas I pitched for other sections of the site (including food, inspiration, home and style).   

I'm a former health editor at SELF magazine. I've also worked at ELLE magazine, where I fact-checked and wrote articles (often about my ambivalence about motherhood), New York magazine and Salon.com. 

I've written about parenting, psychology, pop culture, art, books, design, fitness, weight loss/nutrition, beauty/style, weddings, travel...and interesting people, in general. I'm currently focused on health and wellness because I have a knack for translating research into never-heard-that-before advice. I also love helping people live healthier, longer and happier lives.

Drop me a line: cbpikul@gmail.com

For many more writing clips than I could fit on this site, please check out corriepikul.contently.com