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Is there a biological explanation behind sudden-onset baby lust? How do we know when it’s time to get pregnant? We’ve heard so much about the biological clock, but not much about the alarm mechanism that’s supposed to let us know this thing is working. Concerned about my ambivalent feelings about babies and motherhood, I decided to further explore baby lust. I wrote about my findings in an article for ELLE called “Clock Watcher” (February 2011).

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When it comes to checking up on an ex online, it’s just so darn easy to let our fingers do the stalking. I’d read a lot about how Facebook-stalking can become a dangerous and demoralizing activity, but I had a hunch that it might also help some of us get over past relationships. Well, according to the experts I talked to, it can go either way. My story’s at

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Marina Abramovic’s New MoMA Retrospective The performance artist has made a career out of enduring the kind of physical and mental torment that would make any person’s toes curl. ELLE, March 2010

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In her riveting graphic memoir Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi lifted the veil off what it was like to be a smartass Iranian girl in a rapidly changing world. Now as her story is prepared for the big screen, she looks back on her journey from heretic to counterculture heroine.

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Women aren’t supposed to think about the childbearing decision as an economic one. But how does a young couple factor the cost of a kid into an already paycheck-to-paycheck existence? One would-be mother stares down the crib sheet. ELLE, October 2008